Resilient Male Pouch product explainer animation video.

“Resilient Male Pouch Keeping your dignity, no matter what your profession!”

Resilient Male Pouch is a pouch used by men who find themselves under circumstances that demands their physical presence at a post or position most of their time, thus the opportunities to take comfort breaks are far and few between. 

Resilient Male Pouch  is also for men who have lost control of their bladder due to hereditary or medical causes such as Incontinence, Polyuria, BPH, or Prostate surgery that may have caused urine leakage or sudden surges.

The Resilient Male Pouch may be used under most circumstances and used by any adult male, hence why instead of being called an “Incontinence pad“, we opted to use the term “Resilient Male Pouch “.

 At Resilient Male our objective is to help give back control to men who find themselves under circumstances that limits their comfort breaks, and for men who have incontinence issues but have very active lives and wish to keep these issues discreet and keep their dignity of being a Resilient Male.

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